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We would like to voice our opposition to the proposed recall of Alan Galbraith as mayor of St. Helena.

The earliest a recall election (that is an election of a new mayor if the petition is successful) could be held is in June of 2018. Mayor Galbraith’s term ends in November 2018. If successful, a recall election would decrease Mayor Galbraith’s term by just four months. Is 120 days worth the substantial cost, effort and divisiveness of such a campaign?

A recall is usually reserved for situations in which the elected official has committed some egregious act or disregard of the law or the office he/she holds. Mayor Galbraith has not committed any such offense. Although all of us may not always agree with the mayor, he has served our community with integrity and deserves to finish his term in office.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is our ability to have an impact on our community. Each one of us can effect change by voicing our opinions and working for policies and projects that we feel are important. While such efforts are not always successful, we have seen this process work many times in St. Helena. It is democracy at its best.

We urge our fellow citizens NOT to sign a petition to recall Mayor Galbraith.

Lawrence Papale

Mary Stephenson

St. Helena