Don't use my money for lawsuit

Don't use my money for lawsuit


I believe that California’s plan to sue over border "emergency" is frivolous with no basis in state law and is a breach of trust and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The governor and the state attorney general both have a personal political axe to grind against the president. Just because Gavin was elected does not mean that he has a mandate to do whatever he wants.

If the Democrats want to sue, do it with the money of Democratic taxpayers who elected them.

As a matter of fact don’t you think that before a politician spends your money, they should at least get your permission (vote); and, yeah, to answer your sarcastic question, the government should have strict guidelines before they put my pocketbook on the line, be it a wall or a lawsuit, especially if they file this lawsuit in my name without my permission.

So Gov. Gavin, Nancy’s little nephew, when you file it should read “the State of California (except for Morris Curry) v. The President of the United States.”

Or since you are using my money, file an amicus brief on my behalf in opposition to your lawsuit. Maybe I can write off your filing fee on my state tax bill. If I can’t, don’t use my money for a lawsuit.

Pastor Morris A. Curry,Jr.


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