Don't paint all law enforcement with the same brush

Don't paint all law enforcement with the same brush

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Certainly people who saw the horrifying video of George Floyd would agree some changes needed to be made, and some already have been addressed. The officers involved should not have used those unnecessary tactics with Mr. Floyd and were properly charged with his death.

But don't paint all police, sheriffs, and other law enforcement with the same brush. The overwhelming majority of police, sheriffs, and law enforcement are professional and dedicated officers. This is particularly true in Napa County, but I am sure that generally applies to the great majority of officers in our great country.

As a side note, it seems to me this rush to defund police is in need of further thought. It is of no significant value to the public to take money away from police departments. If anything the money should be channeled into training, which would be more productive and beneficial than channeling it out of departments for other uses.

Bill Carden


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