Doris Gentry: Shame on you

Doris Gentry: Shame on you

To City Council member Doris Gentry:

Defending one business's "right to open" when you are a member of the very city government that is trying to protect the rest of us from foolish idiocy of people who think they know better than county health officials? ("Napa art gallery owners announce plan to reopen, defying a county closure order," April 29)

When did you or the Cordairs get your medical degrees? We follow science, not personal desire.

You encourage others to break the law? What kind of city council member are you anyway? You think this is the wild, wild west and you get to decide in a vacuum what is good for the whole of Napa County?

What is wrong with you and the Cordairs? A slow and steady and scientific approach to reopening businesses is already under way and you decide you want to speed it up because it fits your timetable better? You think this is the kind of behavior we want from a mayoral candidate? Running afoul of the state of California and the county of Napa?

You think you get to decide to things "your way" and ignore everyone else? Is that your style of leadership? My way or the highway?

I am stunned, no shocked, no I am beyond words to describe the abhorrent behavior you have displayed in supporting illegal activity. Pull your candidacy from the mayor's race. It is disgraceful and wrong.

Jim Gunther


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