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Doris Gentry: Take a breath and listen

Doris Gentry: Take a breath and listen

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How sad to read the stories about Doris Gentry and even more so her supporters who have written letters to the editor ("Rare disagreement flares at Napa City Council annual planning retreat," Jan. 16).

How quick to jump to her defense.

How fast to decry injustice.

How rapid the descent into us vs. them mentality. What happened to We and Ours?

Yet that is not the real problem here. This is about temperament and ability to lead. A legitimate question was asked by the mayor and city council members due to the use of “vice-mayor” (a ceremonial role that is rotated around the council members) in campaign materials. She was elected to City Council by the people of Napa, not vice-mayor. Shouldn't that be her platform?

Did Doris ponder the question? Did she try to understand the issue? Was she able to understand the power of perception and how it could hurt her in the election? Did she strive to come to terms with their concerns and work toward a solution? No. She became angry and threatened that the “bear” was coming out.

Well, great. Now we have someone on the City Council who cannot be challenged without being angry, without the “bear” coming out. Her posturing of being hurt simply diminishes her role as city council member.

Her inability to listen, ponder, and engage in conversation with people of differing opinions show her lack of capacity to lead.

Doris, it is not too late to turn this around in a manner befitting of a true leader. Can you do it?

Jim Gunther


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