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Editorial was mean-spirited and one-sided

Editorial was mean-spirited and one-sided

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I have generally counted to 10 before responding to a derogatory remark. But after reading and digesting "The choice for Napa's mayor” on Sept. 13, in the Napa Valley Register, I felt compelled to respond. The editorial is written by the Register Editorial Board and the editor is Sean Scully.

I don't ever remember reading such a one-sided, mean-spirited letter before about a City Council member. Not only is it twisted in truth, but the hatchet job rings of character assassination.

First you write a glowing report about Scott Sedgley, who you have endorsed as your choice for mayor. Yes, he is a nice man and has been with the fire department for many years and city council and on the NVUSD board. Then you tell us that he is a Napa native. Good for him that his parents made the choice to choose Napa to move to all those years ago.

Next you tell us all about Gerardo Martin, who has only very recently thrown his hat in the ring for the major position. Then you give us all his accomplishments. He too sounds like a nice man. You, of course, forget to tell us if he is a native of Napa because that seems to be very important to you.

Then you finally tell us about Doris Gentry. First of all, you tell us that she is a transplant to Napa. Wow, something must be wrong if all of us who weren't born in Napa try to run for an office if we aren't at least 3rd-degree pedigree. If I remember correctly, Sean Scully, is a transplant.

I truly do not remember too many people who reside in our great community being born here besides a few wine owners and my husband's family. Doris has lived in our community for 30 years and since coming here has been a positive contributor to this community. She is a Can-Do person and no job big or small stands in her way.

Speaking of history, this community had a great Fourth of July Parade for years, but for some reason, it was canceled. Doris Gentry is the person who brought it back, along with her morning Rotary Club. She talked it up and with just a few people coming aboard the first few years the parade grew every year because of her enthusiastic endeavors, to the point that people from all the Bay Area come every year. I guess I could thank you for acknowledging that bit of information.

You question her ability to run our community as mayor. Well, she is vice mayor and has been sitting in as mayor for the past year during the worst time, during the fires and the pandemic.

You say in your article that she has poor judgment and doesn't have the temperament to lead our community as mayor. Well, the following information is about her past history and bio. Let the community judge if her past history dictates her ability: President/CEO interfaced with administrative and fiduciary agencies working in vertical and horizontal markets spanning three continents causing sales and growth to occur. Built strong relationships with key stakeholders. Introduced marketing strategies

Managed a staff of 2,500 people (1976-1980) Extra Help of California. This company that she owned became the largest non-franchised employment agency in Los Angeles County in 1980.

She has been a consultant to churches and corporations through television events. She has been a host and producer of a live bi-weekly TV and radio show here in Napa. She has been honored and awarded by too many organizations to mention here.

She has been the chair from 2008 to the present for the annual Chocolate & Wine event with at least 125 volunteers each year. That money goes to the foster children program. She has personally been a foster parent to over 200 children.

She too is involved in helping the community with sex trafficking and educating the community.

Oh, did I forget to mention that she is a member of Mensa? The qualifications you have to meet are extraordinary IQ, quick to grasp concepts, widely varying interests, and a good sense of humor. Boy, it almost sounds like she is overqualified for the position of mayor.

Doris expresses herself with wisdom, she is quick to listen and respectful to all. Even when she is thrown under the bus. Even when her words are twisted to suit a group of people. Fairness is what is needed here. Not because we feel sorry for Doris, she certainly doesn't need or want that, but because it is the right thing to do.

Napa, we are all better here in our community than what is going on across our country. Doris welcomes your phone calls or your emails. She is always available to this community and if you have questions she will have answers. Vote Doris Gentry for mayor.

Lil Witten


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