Recently, an illegal alien, who had previously been deported four times, tried to kill a Napa County sheriff's deputy and was killed himself by the officer at whom he fired.

We now are told that ICE had, on four previous times, issued detainers to the Napa and Sonoma County jails, in an effort to apprehend him and deport him again. The detainers were not honored, presumably in accordance with so-called sanctuary policies of the counties.

Fortunately, the Napa deputy he tried to murder was unharmed and the miscreant won't again be the beneficiary of sanctuary policy madness. The Newman, California police officer who was shot and killed by a similar illegal alien in December was not so fortunate.

Law enforcement personnel, including ICE personnel, are sworn to enforce the laws of the land. Their job is usually arduous, often dangerous, and sometimes deadly. We are protected by such officers and they deserve much better from us than the misguided sanctuary policies whose sole purpose is to frustrate the enforcement of the laws of the land, for the benefit of those who violate our laws.

Perhaps, if those responsible for the adoption of sanctuary policies, were to attend the funeral of a law officer killed by an illegal alien here because of sanctuary laws, they might re-consider to whom they owe their allegiance.

This seems like an appropriate time for whomever has the authority to terminate Napa County's sanctuary policy to forthrightly tell the public why it will not be done. The public will be eager to hear the justification for the policies that three times failed to honor the ICE detainer request for Napa's most recent would-be murderer. I am sure the involved deputy and her family would like to hear the justification.

Ross Workman


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