Had enough of high taxes? If you live in California, you pay the highest taxes in the United States, along with New York.

A good friend of mine who lives in West Virginia filled his car with gas last week and paid $2.49 a gallon. What did you pay when you last put gas in your car? Probably $1.80 per gallon more. That means that every time we put 10 gallons of gasoline in our cars here in California we are paying $18 more than my buddy in West Virginia.


Now here comes the bad news — the politicians are going to try to hit us with even more taxes on the next ballot. It's a Prop. 13 issue. They aren't going to raise the taxes that we pay on our homes (nice guys), but they want to restructure how our businesses are taxed, and that indirectly affects all of us.

Face it, when a business pays a higher tax — guess what -- it's passed on to us, the consumer. Now the folks behind the "new" Prop. 13 issue are clever; they want to do this by pulling at our heart strings—the higher tax dollars "are going to help our impoverished schools."

The school systems have plenty of money; maybe the folks in charge should look at how the teachers union protects some teachers. Our lottery (scratch offs) have contributed millions to our schools systems.

The school thing is just a scam to tug at our heart strings. Enough we're taxed enough here in California; it's time to say “no.”

By the way, I am an independent person and am not associated with the Prop. 13 issue, and I paid $4.19 per gallon the last time I filled up with gas.

Jay Jacobs


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