Twenty years ago, I completed my painting titled “Little Red Schoolhouse.” I was inspired to paint the red schoolhouse on Silverado Trail and its beautiful setting. When I had finished painting, I wrote a poem which is more pertinent today than it was then. The poem is titled “Yesterday.”

A bell still hangs reminding us

Of days of yesterday

When children with their marbles

And jump ropes used to play

In a schoolyard where majestic oaks

Stood tall against the sky

And children learned to read, to write

And endlessly ask why

The oaks still stand upon the hills

Much fewer than before

And nestled in below the hills,

Grape vines adorn the floor

Will this pleasant view survive?

Will we preserve this land?

As our future generations

Stand where we now stand.

When I reread this poem the other day, I thought about the questions I had asked in my poem. They are more relevant today than ever. It is important to protect our hillside oak woodlands for future generations – for my children, my grandchildren, and my great grandchildren.

Do you think about yours? That is one of the reasons I am voting yes on Measure C.

Frank Kerr


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