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Exactly why anti-zealot buffer zone is needed

Exactly why anti-zealot buffer zone is needed

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Sidewalk counselor Marcia Ryan’s recent letter ("Reaching out to help," April 14) was as good an argument for increasing the anti-zealot buffer zone around Planned Parenthood as anyone could ever hope for.

Ryan and others of her ilk speak loudly of the wealth of science backing their harebrained beliefs, yet they never seem to actually provide such scientific information, assuming instead that the “power of prayer” they so steadfastly believe in is evidence enough for everyone in our community.

And perhaps a day will come when children can be fed and rent paid in prayers instead of dollars, but until then, those prayers are best kept between the prayer and God, rather than screamed into the faces of people seeking professional medical advice and treatment.

While a simple search of “sidewalk counselor” returned no results from any accredited (or non-accredited) higher education institute, the medical professionals at Planned Parenthood all have exactly such degrees and certifications. I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I would tend to trust the advice of the doctor or nurse with a medical degree over the advice of a sidewalk counselor with a diploma from a box of Cracker Jack.

Ultimately, if city planners intended for walkways to be occupied by uncertified people giving unsolicited medical advice, they would have named such areas “mothers-in-law” instead of “sidewalks.”

Chris Hammaker


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