Excessive traffic and speed on North Jefferson Street

Excessive traffic and speed on North Jefferson Street

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The residents of North Napa desperately need help with excessive traffic and speeding vehicles on Jefferson Street north of Trancas Street.

Heavy traffic and excessive speeding are happening daily on Jefferson from Salvador on the north side down to Trancas. This stretch of road runs through a once-quiet residential neighborhood. No stores, shops or businesses.

Jefferson Street from Salvador to Trancas contains one stop sign and one short traffic signal. With the installation of three traffic signals on Highway 29 (modified to support the bike trail) at Salvador, El Centro (Wine Country) and Trower, the wait at each traffic signal can be long. Traffic backs up routinely.

As a result, drivers are hopping off Highway 29 from both directions, and driving a couple of blocks to Jefferson where they can race almost unimpeded north or south.

During the current “shelter in place”, there seemed to be more traffic on Jefferson street than Highway 29. I walked to both places and personally observed this. The traffic on Jefferson was almost constant. Aren’t these people supposed to stay home?

In addition, Vintage High School and Willow Elementary school are just blocks from each other on or near Jefferson Street. I have seen some scary close calls with speeders near-misses of kids trying to cross Jefferson. Unless there is some form of traffic control on this stretch of road, it is not a question of if a pedestrian will be killed trying to cross Jefferson or El Cento, but when.

The government of Napa city and county permitted the installation of those traffic lights on Highway 29 to support the bike trail. Now that same government needs to support the residents of north Napa and address this critical and dangerous traffic situation.

I sent multiple emails to the Napa Police Department asking for some sort of traffic control measures. I heard nothing. At least maybe they could enforce control against the outrageously “loud” vehicles that race on Jefferson Street. Isn’t there a noise law for those vehicles as well?

Some way must be found to slow down and reduce the volume of traffic on north Jefferson Street. At least through the residential area. These Highway 29 interlopers need some positive incentive to go back onto Highway 29.

As a concerned citizen, voter and taxpayer, I have a couple of suggestions:

1. Get the city to install stop signs on Jefferson at every intersection north of Trancas. Drivers trying to enter onto Jefferson from any side street north of Trancas are at extreme risk. It just needs to take longer to travel on Jefferson Street than to wait at the traffic signals on Highway 29.

2. If the Napa Police and City will not help, maybe we need to start a “grassroots” movement of north Napa friends and neighbors. We could consider driving super slow on Jefferson and El Centro. Who knows? Maybe that would motivate the speeders to go back to the highway.

Join the movement.

John Miller


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