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Explain the fascination with guns

Explain the fascination with guns

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I actually started writing this letter three weeks ago, two weeks before this 17-year-old vigilante(?) was arrested for killing two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His apparent involvement immediately elevated my interest in trying to reach some level of insight to the following question.

I’m desperately hoping a Second Amendment supporter out there can educate me regarding the need for any one individual American not in the military to legally possess and carry an AR-15 assault rifle. It is a weapon of war meant to effectively kill multiple people in an extremely short period of time. I am not a gun guy and, as stands to reason, am not interested in killing other living beings unless they bite or sting me.

The fascination and obsession some people seem to have with guns is completely lost on me. I do understand that there are people who might live in communities of high crime or have been involved in past situations involving hostile, painful or hurtful events. I can fathom the idea that they may feel safer or more comfortable carrying a pistol for some level of protection.

However, in my eyes, the walking about our country’s streets carrying an AR-15 is an act meant to intimidate and to broadcast a show of strength that the carrier does not naturally possess.

To be out front, I am not a psychologist and these interpretations are but mine alone, which, again, brings me to my purpose in writing this letter.

There must be some Register reader who can illuminate me regarding why an average American should be able to legally own and, in some states, openly carry an AR-15. I need help with this.

Chris Sauer


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