I read in the Napa Valley Register that Napa County is considering a plan to add 67.5 miles of bicycle paths in Napa. Please do not waste millions of my tax dollars to add 67.5 miles of bike path so that Napa County will become" a bicycle-friendly community with a world-class bicycling system.”

This will not help with the congestion on our roads as almost no one bikes to work in the county. Yes, on the weekends in the summer there are a number of bikers on our roads, including me. However, I spend half my biking time trying to avoid the same potholes that plague most of our roads.

Please spend your time and efforts to improve our roads. East Imola Avenue is terrible. I drive down Imola daily and have watched as the road becomes worse and users now drive 25 mph on the 35 mph road trying to avoid the holes in the road.

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Vincent Siebern


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