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Yet another pillar of our culture has just blown up -- that being the Napa chapter of the League of Women Voters. Don’t we all know that name as a standard bearer of impartiality, of research into critical issues, of fair and unbiased debates of candidates and initiatives? Not in Napa County.

The Napa chapter of the League has organized a "forum" on March 12 to "examine" the Watershed & Oak Woodland Protection Initiative, aka Measure C on our June ballot.

All of the presenters are biased. All of the presenters are aggressive supporters of the initiative. The Napa League is acting in absolute contravention to its own charter — of being an independent organization, which is non-partisan.

What a sad and infuriating development in our community. Even sadder is that the local League has chosen not to respond to numerous messages asking how they could stage such a "rigged" event. Why wouldn’t they be organizing a fair and equal "forum?"

Julie Ann Kodmur

St. Helena