Freedom is not free

Freedom is not free


Recently, as I drove onto Buhman Avenue by the school, I noticed a quote on a sign: "A person who will trade their liberty for safety, deserves neither" -- Benjamin Franklin.

I thought that it was good of someone to bring these wise words to us in these trying times.

Later, when I drove by the same sign, I noticed that someone had sprayed out the words with black spray paint. I would like to think that it was the work of some wayward, ignorant youth, but I don't really believe that.

Too many people today do not stand when the American flag passes, or appreciate the gravity of the "Star Spangled Banner," or what those Marines planting that flag over Iwo Jima cost.

I don't know how many of you ever had a class from Dr. Leo Trepp at Napa Valley College. I did, and every day that he came in, my eyes focused on a group of numbers tattooed on his wrist.

You see this wonderful, gentle, and sweet man had first-hand experience with the significance of that quote while in a Nazi concentration camp. A lot of young American soldiers sacrificed their liberty and lives, showing the world that they believed those words spoken over 200 years ago.

This graffiti painter needs to know that they did not silence truth; it is still there under that paint, and it is still truth. Freedom is not free.

Tom Johnson


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