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Georgia voter suppression

Georgia voter suppression

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The op-Ed letter by Mr. Hill admonishing us to carefully read the recently enacted bill in Georgia imposing major new restrictions on voting deserves comment on multiple levels ("Georgia election law is not bad," April 12).

While this, and many other similar bills across the country, may not overtly describe policies to systematically suppress voting of a subset of citizens, the spirit (and timing) of this legislation aligns perfectly with the 200-year pattern of Georgia legislators efforts to deny voting rights to economically disadvantaged citizens and African Americans when voters express the will of the majority.

If our democratic system of choosing leaders is so corrupt that we require egregious policies to discourage and curtail voting of millions despite no documented or prosecuted evidence of fraud nationwide in the 2020 elections, it is difficult to see this as anything but a means to deny the vote to preserve minority rule. And the pattern is being repeated across the country.

In addition, since the author claims to be an independent, why is his message prefaced by criticism of “left-leaning democrats,” and does it follow then that the hundreds of corporate CEOs expressing outrage over these bills are all somehow aligned with Speaker Pelosi ("and her ilk")?

Isn’t it time to finally acknowledge and face our history of systemic racial discrimination and stop resorting to identity politics which continues to divide and cripple our democracy?

Jordan Cohen


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