My husband and I just sold our home of 30 years June of this year and bought a home in Lincoln. We used to love Napa. But as the years have gone by, it has slowly pushed out our neighborhood mom-and-pop stores for the almighty dollar.

Now another long-established restaurant, Red Hen, is saying goodbye. It’s always the same reason -- the rent has been raised and no longer affordable. Now the high-dollar places come in.

Most of Napa is already not affordable for the average middle-class family, let alone the ones barely squeezing by. We left as it wasn’t family-friendly anymore. It’s all tourist-run and getting worse.

So I’m asking 'When does Napa City Council get a clue to start thinking again of family and its neighborhood businesses or what’s left of them?' Give Napa back to the people who live there.

Michelle LaLonde

Lincoln, California

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