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After hearing Napa City Council candidate James Hinton on Barry Martin’s radio show, I was determined to find out more about his campaign. If you missed the show, I encourage you to check it out online.

I attended “Politics and Probiotics” at Fuller Park.

First of all, big thanks to Triad Beverages for serving up refreshing probiotic drinks. I enjoyed a sparkling strawberry water kefir that was complemented with edible flowers. What a treat on warm summer evening.

James Hinton has my vote after approximately a 45-minute interactive speech. He covered several important key issues, which are very important to me and our community as a whole.

Hinton talked about the millions of tax dollars going to Visit Napa Valley. He expressed the need to terminate the Tourism Improvement District and replace it with the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) so that the money could be used to address the workforce, affordable and low-income housing our community truly needs.

James says that tourists pay 14 percent in bed taxes, and that 12 percent goes to the city and 2 percent goes to promote tourism. He says the CEO of Visit Napa Valley is often awarded $100,000 bonuses and that none of the elected officials seem to mind.

It infuriates me that our public servants can approve big bonuses instead of using the money on more important things like completing the Vine Trail.

Hinton said the $10 million that Visit Napa Valley is expected to generate this year could be applied to a higher use. He said that money could subsidize the water and sewer hookup fees on new units for workforce, affordable and low-income housing. He mentioned funding local park improvement projects like “Splash Pads” and “Disc Golf” with some of the funds. He also covered the Civic Center, fixing roads and cannabis.

After meeting him in person, I believe James Hinton is going to be fiscally responsible, transparent and accountable with our resources. I encourage you to attend one of his future campaign events to hear for yourself.

Diana Andree


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