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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a leader

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a leader

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I am writing this with tears in my eyes listening to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference. He is articulate, quotes statistics and projections from Johns Hopkins and public health and is very compelling.

Contrast his pressers vs. Trump ones where Dr. Anthony Fauci has to correct Trump all the time. He will probably resign or get fired for daring to state the facts or not fawning over Trump.

Cuomo is the kind of leader we need right now, one who is factual, has ideas on how to invoke the Federal Defense Act to make manufacturers produce ventilators and masks, etc. and has scoured the globe procuring masks, gloves and Personal Protective Equipment for his state.

He praised the doctors and nurses, police and firemen for their bravery and implored us all to thank them for their duty and sacrifice. He stresses public health and saving lives is more important than big business bailouts or shortening the sheltering. He suggests that the recovered and healthy young people who are negative for COVID-19 be the first to go back to work.

He is incredulous that the Federal government is sitting on a stockpile of 20,000 ventilators and only sent 400 to New York with their projected need for 30,000. His idea is to send ventilators to the area of highest spike first which is New York, then he will send to the next state after their spike is over and he will personally commit to this and I believe him.

He spoke from his heart and ended with the famous “I Heart NY” slogan but then turned it to “NY Hearts YOU.”

The Republicans Senate bill is about giving money to big business, including Trump hotels in all probability, whereas the democrats want the money to go to the people. I hope Gov. Cuomo runs in 2024.

Vote Blue in November no matter who the candidate is. Young people, you need to vote, don’t sit this out because Bernie may not be the choice. It is vitally important we get a Democrat into the White House, then change can come. This is your future.

Debra Phairas


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