On Aug. 23, our family dog went missing from our yard. Living directly on Highway 29, we frantically searched and feared for the worst. The heavy traffic due to harvest, and smoky air added to our anxiety.

We contacted animal services of Napa immediately. Officer Patrick Sager listened patiently to our concerns, and description of our dog. He assured us that most dogs who go missing are turned into Animal Control.

As the hours passed we began to lose hope that we would find our dog. Officer Sager checked in by phone with us often, hoping we had found her.

During this time, we had a neighborhood search party looking down local streets and vineyards in St. Helena.

By sheer coincidence, Officer Sager happened to see a black pug tied up with a long rope outside of CVS in Napa. No one had reported the dog being tied up, he just happened to see it. He called me, and texted a photo but was reluctant to give false hope.

We drove to the animal shelter in Napa immediately, and discovered it was our beloved puppy.

We were impressed with Officer Sager's kindness, patience and dedication to helping us find our dog. Our family is grateful for the professionalism, and dedication from the Napa Animal Shelter, and Officer Sager's dedication to serve our community.

Amanda Myers

St. Helena

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