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With the holiday season upon us, I encourage our community to shop at Napa Valley Jewelers. Kent Gardella went above and beyond for my daughter - the type of thing that makes you feel like Napa is still a small town that supports each other.

My daughter, Katie, received a beautiful watch from Napa Valley Jewelers for having the top GPA (Valedictorian) among her peers at Napa High School last June. It was a wonderful, unexpected, gift. Katie was proud of that watch, as a symbol of her determination and commitment to academics.

As Katie was leaving the Grad Night party at NVC, someone literally stole the watch off her wrist. It was unexpected, and so quick, that Katie didn’t realize the watch was gone until she got to her car. The theft was an exclamation mark on what was a disappointing end to her time at Napa High.

Someone at NHS heard what happened and called Kent at Napa Valley Jewelers -- without Katie knowing. What a wonderful surprise it was to get a call to pick up a new watch, right before Katie left to start her college experience at the University of Chicago.

Thank you, Napa Valley Jewelers, for going out of your way for my daughter.

Jean O’Donnell


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