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Just prior to the president coming into the room for the State of the Union address, the networks were anticipating or speculating whether the president would go off script. It is my strong opinion that they are using the power of the press to the extreme.

It is also my opinion that their reporting should be neutral, with no personal opinions. It is their responsibility to report the facts – nothing more, nothing less.

Prior to President Trump being elected, the press was mostly respectful and reported the news without bias. I may add that the local networks and our Napa Valley Register for the most part still follow those ethical practices.

It is my strong opinion that the national networks have colluded with each other in an effort to destroy our president, efforts to accomplish what he was elected to do. In my 71 years on this Earth, I am astounded at the hatred I have seen from our news reporters.

Did anyone other than myself notice the hatred that Nancy Pelosi showed without even opening her mouth during the State of the Union address?

I don’t know what else to say. We have a people representing us who are more interested in destroying their opposition than solving the problems that we are facing as a nation. Our representatives need to start doing their job and quit acting like spoiled children. Do what you were elected to do and do it now.

Wes Graham