The wine industry has made significant contributions to helping make Napa County a desirable destination and many individuals in that industry have done a great deal for this community.

Unfortunately there are those who find maximizing profits and doing whatever they want far more important than the well-being of those who live here.

Passing Measure C is a critical step in helping preserve that industry and the jewel we have. The Winery Definition Ordinance took away some of the protections of the Ag Preserve, but it is still important 50 years after passage. At the time there were those who spoke against it, but I dare to think of what would have happened here without it.

What will Measure C do? It will set limits to clearing oak woodlands in the hills for developments and create stronger setbacks along streams and wetlands that filter water and prevent erosion and protect the watershed. It still allows removal of up to 795 acres from the watershed.

It is sad that some wealthy individuals are willing to spend untold amounts of money to make people believe that this measure would hurt Napa and the industry. Maybe a few would not be able to do some of the destructive things they have been allowed to do.

Some of what they are saying is far from the truth. Many grape growers and wine makers support this measure. In fact some members were consulted and helped write it.

There are those who oppose the initiative process, but when the regular political process isn't working there needs to be an alternative way for the people to be heard.

No one has had a greater impact on putting this valley on the map than Warren Winiarski when he won the famous Paris Tasting and his years as a grape grower and wine maker and his contributions to so many worthwhile causes. He recently said, "Will the Napa Valley be better off if this initiative is approved? I think it will be."

Now is our opportunity to stand and be heard. Overdevelopment of this valley will destroy it. Removal of all the trees will affect our wildlife, our water supply, our quality of life, and contribute to global warming. The main reason people say they like coming to Napa is for the beauty. Please help us protect what is left by voting yes on Measure C. Thank you.

Harris Nussbaum


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