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I realize we have a homeless problem as all cities do. But when I went to go fishing at the college, which I’ve been doing for over 30 years and find six tents right on the river bank taking up all the space, it was upsetting.

I’ve contacted the police, the outreach program and even called the tip hotline for pollution in the river. This camp is 10 yards off the walking trail by the softball fields, the BMX bike track and the skate park.

While I don’t have the answer to the problem, I don’t feel that I and all the other people who use this area now can’t enjoy it. All the camps have seemed to move out of the public eye, example, all have been moved from the Imola area but just moved south to the city park.

I’m told they have to post a 'no camping' sign first, but the sign says the park closes at dusk.

What’s stopping me from setting up a tent at Veterans Memorial Park downtown ? No signs that tell me I can’t. A city ordnance doesn’t apply?

I just want to take my grandkids fishing at our city park.

Shannon Anderson


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