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In response to the Napa Valley Register’s recent articles noting requests for development within rural Napa County, I submit this letter as an extremely concerned resident.

For example, the proposed change at Caldwell Winery from eight visitors per day to 60 visitors per day would result in a 700 percent increase and allow 21,900 visitors per year, in a rural Coombsville neighborhood, on a dead end street. How much do neighbors need to sacrifice for the gains of wineries' expansion?

Sharing an evening out with dear friends, I had to put my glasses on to discern the tiny gold emblem on the bottle of wine placed on our table. It was a tightrope walker on a balance line.

I realize this is all I want from our Planning Commission in regard to both Caldwell and other applicants for further development in our Valley -- for them to follow the guidelines of our General Plan with fair and balanced attention to benefits, needs, and concerns of all citizens- ‘el equilibrio’, an exquisite balance with both the present and the future in mind.

Marissa Carlisle