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Regarding Thomas Elias's column concerning building apartments near bus and Light Rail stations ("New zoning nullification plan has same old flaws," Feb. 1): As I have mentioned before, the problem with getting people to use mass transit is that our automobiles are so luxurious that people would rather be in their automobiles during traffic congestion than be on mass transit.

I suggest that government increase taxes even more on automobiles in order to make it so expensive to drive that people would then default to mass transit. We could increase the tax on gasoline, we could tax size of the gasoline engine by the number of CCs the engine is.

We could tax how luxurious an automobile is and we could also tax how many miles are driven yearly. Some of these taxes could be added to the registration fee. We would also need to increase police monitoring of registration tags in order to increase compliance. Just a few suggestions.

But I am personally opposed to all these taxes. I like driving and the independence of owning an automobile brings to me.

Besides, do you honestly think our politicians would raise such taxes to a prohibitively high level?

Dave Wagner


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