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Several years ago in a Letter to the Editor, I wrote how sad it was that in our country of about 150 million people who would be eligible to run for president that we ended up with Hillary and Donald. Well, Hillary was beaten by electoral votes and Nancy Pelosi stepped in as head of the Democrat party.

So now the two political giants in the United States are Trump and Pelosi; how pathetic. You do know that the way these two are running, or trying to run the United States, our government has become a big joke around the world.

Right now, they are playing this political game called The Wall, and there are no winners. Well, Nancy might have an edge, because she is effectively blocking Donald from getting His Wall. In the game of political chess, we have a stalemate.

Our once-great country has become the laughing stock of the political world.

Thank you, Donald; thank you Nancy -- your egos are the big winners.

Jay Jacobs


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