I remember when liberty reigned supreme.

I spent the first 20 years of my life living in a homestead community on the American Frontier, in pure American liberty. I remember we had zero government Intrusions, Restrictions, or Enforcements (IRE). Today I live under almost total IRE.

I remember the first time I paid a tax. I was 14 years old, and had been working part time on bigger ranches in the area for the past three years. On this particular year, I earned enough money to pay $7 in income tax. I remember being so proud to be supporting this great country called America.

Today I pay so many taxes and fees that I can’t even guess how much I pay, to whom the money goes, or what it is used for. Today, my personal liberty over my money (property) is almost completely gone, as is my prosperity.

I remember the aftermath of World War II. I remember the patriotism of the people. My mother lost a brother in that war, and yet, we were proud of America, and the war effort. I remember the Korean War and listening to the news daily as to what was happening there. My mother had a brother in that war too. But it was an undeclared war, and we were concerned about that.

Then I remember the Vietnam war. Not only were we concerned, many were openly opposing this undeclared war. It seemed that our leaders were no longer invested in actually winning wars. We were drawing lines in the sand that our fighting men and women were not allowed to cross. We were restraining our military forces from doing what they had the capacity to do – win wars.

Today we are fighting so many wars I cannot tell you where they all are. I do not know why we are fighting, or what the status of each war is. I do know that they are all undeclared. I feel totally disconnected. Is something wrong with me, or is this typical?

I can remember when my elected lawmakers made the laws of the land. I remember when I could actually talk to my representative or senator and feel respected, listened to, and helped.

Today there are over 250 federal agencies with enough sub agencies and departments to bring the count to over 400. Many of these have been given power to make rules and regulations, which have the force of law, all made by unaccountable, unelected people, and no chance of review or veto by the president.

While our legitimate lawmakers make one law, these faux lawmakers are making 100. Not only am I not invested in these faux laws, I detest many of them.

All I remember about the national debt is that during all of my 74 years, it has been growing out of control. Only during the presidency of Andrew Jackson has the country been out of debt. Today the total national indebtedness is more than $21 trillion. I wonder what the interest payment is on that debt. I will guess that if I asked 20 different government leaders this question, I would get 20 varying answers.

These are only a few reasons why I do not trust my government. Today my leaders are caught up in deciding what factions will get subsidies and privileges, and what factions will have them removed. They fuss continually for more money, no matter how much they have. They meddle in my personal life in so many ways I can’t count them.

They fuss over how I should use the bathroom; or what sex I might want to become; so many other things that are trivial to me in comparison to what I have listed above. None of these trivialities are in the U.S. Constitution as being something the Federal Government has authority over. I feel totally abused by my government.

I expect that my words will sound radical to you readers. But the changes I have seen from pure liberty in my homestead community to what I see today is unbelievably radical.

In early American history, "liberty" was on everyone’s lips. I remember when liberty was on the minds of all my neighbors in the homestead community. Today, I rarely hear the word. I want to do my part to revive a spirit of Liberty in America.

Therefore, I announce the publication of "Genuine Frontier Liberty: Founded Upon Customary Common Law And Freedom From Government." I spent all of 2019 writing my experiences of living with zero government IRE under this entirely voluntary law (bunkhousebooks.org).

Jon Garate

Deer Park

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