Yet another tiresome letter complaining about the price of gasoline in California ("Enough is enough on taxes," Oct. 21). This time the comparison is to West Virginia where gasoline prices, apparently, are $1.80 per gallon less than they are here. Hardly surprising, for the level of services provided by the state to the citizens of West Virginia falls vastly below that of our fine state.

The author of the letter then goes on to decry a proposed change to the property taxes paid by businesses and claims, without supporting evidence (and much that is clearly to the contrary) that our school system "has plenty of money" and that the "lottery has contributed millions to our school systems." In fact, very little of the lottery money actually makes its way to the classroom.

He then makes the leap to castigate the grossly underpaid teachers in our schools. Teaching, which is about the future of our country, should rank amongst the highest paid of professions. Lest we forget, the teachers of West Virginia went on strike recently over their abysmal pay and overcrowded classrooms.

California is far from perfect, but if you want only West Virginia services, you can pay West Virginia gasoline prices; for my part, I'll remain right here.

David Campbell


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