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I shed a tear when I heard that Silo's is closing. It has been my favorite place in town to go and hear great music. Where else could you go for $20 and hear Franc Di' Ambrosio (the longest running "Phantom of the Opera singer) who sold out Carnegie Hall?

Several of my friends became groupies of the "Boys of Summer" who do the greatest "Eagles" tribute, or the "Bell Brothers" who were such great country western singers, and just last week the "Forjour" band rocked the place.

The staff are also excellent, Marybeth helped me reserve a semi-private birthday party, Matt, the best waiter, dancer extraordinaire. The bartenders also make the best chocolate martini's in the entire valley.

The venue itself is so intimate, it's like having a concert in your living room. I had many friends come from the Bay Area, and they all loved it as well.

My Christmas wish is: I hope you can re-organize, keep your wonderful staff and bring Silo's back as you really do have a following of Napans who love and adore the place as much as I do.

Connie Courtright


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