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The family of Kate Steinle has been dealt another death blow from a jury in the sanctuary city, San Francisco, by finding an illegal immigrant not guilty in a July 2015 death of Kate Steinly, 32 years old.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 45 was acquitted of murder and involuntary manslaughter, as well as assault with a deadly weapon. The jurors convicted the Mexican citizen of being a felon in the possession of a firearm.

Jose Garcia Zarate states he found the government-issued gun. Zarate is a five-time convicted felon, also deported five times. Zarate stated the reason for his return to San Francisco was he felt safe and appreciated the benefits provided. He said he found a gun and shot Kate on Pier 14 as she was accompanied by Mr. Steinle, Kate's father.

Kate falling, from the bullet striking her in the back while holding her father’s hand, looked up and said, "Dad, please help me."

Kate's family and friends were just delivered another vicious blow shattering their idea of humanity, civil rights and life itself on Nov. 30.

Where are the voices we hear now from news media, politicians and movie stars who state they are champions of "woman's rights" when men are accused of inappropriately touching, dating young women or showing women their body parts? This must demonstrate their liberal ideology is greater than their protection of women.

Protecting illegal aliens in order to protect potential votes, their desire to fundamentally change the United States and our Constitution is greater than women's rights, women's humanity and life itself.

We need to ask ourselves, what is the real purpose of sanctuary cities, and now a sanctuary state, California after Jerry Brown demonstrated his ideology?

Will Napa, San Francisco and our great state become bastion’s of illegal aliens, and how will this help our children and grandchildren? The liberal ideology of a sanctuary city trumps life itself.

Gordon Sinclair