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On Friday, Dec. 28, a political cartoon appeared in the Napa Valley Register. It showed Trump conversing with two soldiers. The caption read "Bone spurs to the right, bone spurs to the left."

On Wednesday, Dec. 26, the New York Times published an article titled "Daughter of foot doctor says he diagnosed Trump with bone spurs as a favor to Fred Trump."

Elysa Braunstein said her late father, Larry Braunstein, a podiatrist, leased office space in the Jamaica section of Queens, New York owned by Fred Trump in the '60s. She went on to say that if her father had any problems with the building, he called Fred and Trump would immediately have his workers make the necessary repairs.

In 1968, our current president received a high draft lottery number for Vietnam service. Ms. Braunstein said she was unsure if her father ever examined Donald, but as a courtesy to the elder Trump, he wrote an evaluation that the younger Trump had bone spurs in both feet. This evaluation led to a medical exemption from military service.

I am quite sure the families of the more than 58,000 military personnel who were killed in the Vietnam War, and the thousands more who served in-country and have died from war-related injuries, both mental and physical, since the war ended in 1975, wished that they too had a personal podiatrist in their back pocket.

Chuck Barber


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