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Imagining a world without police

Imagining a world without police

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Thank you, Mr. Alex Shantz, for putting out such a clear plan on how to abolish police ("An election strategy for change," July 20).

The persons opposed to such a plan now have crystal guidelines on how to prevent such action.

Consider this scenario: Several armed persons, high on drugs, show up at your house with a truck, brandish their weapons at you and enter your home. They proceed to steal everything of value they can take, and destroy what they can't take.

You call the "peace" officers, who respond and stand by and watch, videoing the theft but unable to stop it. They try to reason with the perps but are unable to stop the theft or threats of bodily harm. That may require violent force and of course, is not allowed.

The peace people write up a list of laws broken (ticket) and hand it to the perps. The perps tear it up and toss it on the ground and leave, after setting your home on fire, which doesn't completely burn, however is not liveable.

The peace "office "sends letters to the perps advising them when to appear in court. We know who they are and where they live. The perps never show up in court. The perps were members of historically marginalized communities. Perhaps you do not even file charges as you feel it was your duty to give up your property and possessions as "restitution" to these "community members."

I do not share that opinion.

I am not thinking the majority of the good folk of Napa Valley share it either.

It is true that police make mistakes, because they are people and people make mistakes.

Police training will continue to evolve. Police abolition is not the answer.

Hmmm- how many people are going to line up for jobs where they face criminals with weapons yet are not permitted to carry weapons or defend themselves? how much do these jobs pay? Are you going to encourage members of your family to go into that line of work? If you meet the requirements, are you yourself going to sign up ?

Just curious.

Debbi Hamilton


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