Impeachment? Strike 3, you're out

Impeachment? Strike 3, you're out


Remember three years ago shortly after Trump was elected, the Democratic leaders were claiming that he was “mentally unstable” and unfit to serve as president?

They had no-name psychologists who had never talked to Trump opining that he could not govern because his statements were “erratic” and revealed someone with deep-seeded mental problems. The top Democrats were calling for use of the 25th Amendment to have him declared unfit and taken out of office. Never happened. Strike 1!

I was thumbing through “The Book of Virtues” by William Bennett and stumbled upon the following article: “The American’s Creed” written by Wil…

Next it was Russia! Russia! Russia! The democratic leaders were claiming that they had direct evidence of the Trump election committee coordinating with the Russians to help Trump win the election – remember Schiff and others making that claim? Then they succeeded in getting a special prosecutor – Mueller. After almost two years and $30 million, Mueller comes up with nothing. Strike 2!

Now they have seized upon a phone call between Trump and the president of the Ukraine that happened last July. They first claimed that Trump was “bribing” the Ukrainian President. Schiff even presented a so-called conversation between the two leaders. Schiff’s narrative, read into the Congressional Record, was shown to be a fantasy when Trump released the transcript of the conversation a few days later.

But not to be denied in their third attempt, Pelosi wrangled her Democrats and forced the writing of two Articles of Impeachment – passed solely by Democrats in the House.

The first Article is based on Trump’s admitted request that Ukraine investigate Biden’s activities outlined above. Wouldn’t you like to know why Biden insisted that a Ukrainian government prosecutor be fired – and threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid guarantees unless he was fired?

There is no crime in asking that government to find out what was going on with our aid money and Biden’s apparent control over it. Biden is running for president – we should know what went on there.

The second article claims that Trump “obstructed Congress” by refusing to comply with House subpoenas. But we all have a right to challenge subpoenas, whoever issued them. Whether or not a subpoena is proper is the province of the judicial branch. The courts decide if subpoenas should be enforced when they are ignored or challenged.

Why didn’t Pelosi go to court to force Trump’s compliance? (That is exactly what happened in the Nixon impeachment – remember Judge Sirica?) Exercising a constitutional right to challenge a subpoena is not a an impeachable “high crime or misdemeanor.”

With the House impeachment hearings in full swing, my colleague Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of U.C. Berkeley law school has noted several myths circulating about impeachment I think are worth sharing.

Is this what our Founding Fathers intended? Absolutely not. Impeachment must be clear and strongly supported. There must be an actual trial in the Senate and the Senate must vote 2/3 in favor of removing a president.

What has happened so far is nothing more than partisan bickering to no end. And stark proof of that is Pelosi’s now refusal to pass the articles to the Senate after telling us over and over how urgent all of this is – incredible. Strike 3!

When will Pelosi and the Democrats actually do what we sent them to Washington to do instead of continually trying to “resist” and impede our duly elected president and spending our money in the process?

Henry Bunsow


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