Imprisoned in this wooden building

Imprisoned in this wooden building


Imprisoned in this wooden building

The colors painfully reflecting distant memories

The green of the cold moist grass fresh in the air on early school mornings

The yellow of the dense sun beaming against my skin on hot summer days

The blue of the afternoon sky with little clouds in sight

Even the gray of the wet messy days when rain poured from heaven.

I live now in black and grey

Longing for the days of color once more.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

COVID waiting to catch you

go outside catch a cough

you hear about all these deaths

you don't know what to expect

You don’t know who is next

maybe your death is next.

Stay inside

leave it to the doctors and nurses

and wait.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

when I could be outside in the world

gliding soaring through the sky making a million

blending in like a chameleon

rise up out of the ghetto

soar like a bird through the meadows

but up until then I’m stuck in these project buildings

good luck to the ghetto children working on the future they're building.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

I wish I could spend time with all of my family and friends.

I hate wearings masks, it feels like I can't breathe.

I miss school, just being surrounded by my friends and having fun.

I hope this all ends sooner than I think.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

sitting around being curious

I have a lot of mixed emotions of this terrible experience

I have found new hobbies I like to do

but school is stressing me out,

We have to break through.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

Never feeling

Never speaking

It always feels the same: I feel all alone

The people that I live with are always on their phone

It will never be the same.

Imprisoned in this wooden building

There’s nowhere to go,

Nothing to do, nothing new.

Time feels repeated and slow,

The same routine over and over again

It feels like it never ends.

Ashley Lopez Hernandez

Olivia Fischer

Estrella Aldama Cazares

Jaime Marron Aguilar

Mayrete Pasco Espitia

Liliana Lopez Ramirez

Bestabe Aguilar Gonzalez

New Tech High School

Editor's note: Teacher Nancy Hale explains "In Ethnic Studies (an English class of students from 10th-12th grades) we studied the treatment of Chinese immigrating to the United States. We read some of the poems of the Chinese who were imprisoned on Angel Island awaiting their fate in the wonderful book 'Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island 1910-1940.'"

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