Kent Cohea ("The real danger to our republic,” Oct. 8) claims that the Democratic Party, the party out of power, is the perpetrator of the Kavanaugh affair, and is skilled in "confusion and ambiguity," ignoring that both parties are good at it, especially the party in power. He seems to have bought the conservative mindset, no critical thinking needed.

Cohea says that it's a case of he said-she said, when it's obvious to all people with functioning central nervous systems that it's a case of he said-they said. Psychotics typically blame others for misdeeds, being unable to take responsibility themselves. Judge Kavanaugh ruined his own reputation by his actions. It was not ruined by unidentified others, a political party, his victims or the press.

Both parties want to control the Supreme Court, ignoring that the court is supposed to be balanced, objective and non-partisan-above politics. That's its mandate.

As for abortion, in any civilized society, it must be nobody's business but the woman's, her partner and their doctor, not a cabal of old white men in blue suits, some medieval religious doctrine or random polls of usually uninformed citizens. Today, world population increases by nearly a quarter million every day - every day - even as resources for human needs dwindle unchecked as famines loom.

The people who mindlessly oppose abortion are the same people who oppose sex education and birth control, the very things that prevent abortion. Go figure. We must control our numbers.

Someone needs to explain in what way Judge Kavanaugh is a constitutionalist: he wants President Trump to be a king, above the law. He wants to end established law, ending Roe v. Wade, increase electronic surveillance of Americans, stop free speech on the internet, protect big banks and predatory lenders, end separation of church and state in key areas, increase Big Money into our elections, curtail the rights of gays, some voters, those with disabilities, some civil rights and women.

He would reduce environmental protections -- our very life-support ecosystems, and end our very effective social safety networks. That includes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The most corrupt administration in our national history pretends to be a capitalist icon, ignoring the fact that we are socialist in all but name. Remember the socialization -- of the Big Banks 10 years ago when they got overextended by wild speculation in the markets and got bailed out by the very citizens who did not stand to profit from their gambling?

Doesn't capitalism punish the losers and reward the winners? In reality, we are a socialist system. Show me the Democrats who are chewing off their legs in search of power.

The Trump administration has already rewarded the billionaire class with generous tax breaks. But the policies of both parties, in the long view, are incompatible with the long-term survival of millions of species including our own, which I now call Homo Rapiens, not Sapiens (wise).

I think party labels will be lost in our desperate last-ditch efforts to continue our presence on this little planet. We are ignoring the contamination by radiation, which is forever in human terms, our refusal to address global warming (Michael?), our efforts to make sure all sperm and eggs come to fruition, and our focus on political wars and distractions instead of discovering what is about to happen to us.

My money is on cockroaches, which are radiation-resistant and may become the next dominant species. Say hello to Archy. (Google “Don Marquis.”)

Don Richardson


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