Having read the major requirements of Measure C, I strongly support its passage. More than anything, the measure will remove much of the ink from the County Board Of Supervisors rubber stamp when it applies to approval of new wineries (is 500 not enough?), and hopefully the near 100 percent forgiveness of existing wineries not abiding by their use permits.

Apparently, one of the main arguments against C is the perceived abrogation of property rights. Maybe so, but I do not recall an outcry from the opponents of C when the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board made the use of my wood burning fireplace as I see fit a crime.

The Napa Valley, barely, remains a jewel. Continued pressure from moneyed developers and individuals wishing to dabble in grapes present a dire threat to it remaining so.

In closing, I fervently believe that Measure C, if approved by the residents of Napa County will be a giant step in the protection of our most vital resource: water.

Mitchel Whorton


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