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Of course, I know all my fellow seniors will be casting their votes soon.

What I’d love to hear, after the votes are counted is, “Jeff Dodd is a winner.”

I’m his very proud grandmother, and he is running for the Napa College Board of Trustees. As his grandmother, I can vouch for his integrity, honesty, openness and his transparency, and forgive me Jeff, my grandson is also very kind. I love "kind," don’t you?

He attended Napa Valley College, was raised in the Napa Valley and was involved in leadership activities growing up. He is an attorney who believes in abiding within the law. As I understand it, all elected officials must take a sworn oath proving honesty and commitment. Jeff has always taken his responsibilities seriously. I know that education is in the forefront of his passion.

As he and his wife Kelly will soon become parents, I’m sure they both envision their child having the best education opportunities. Jeff certainly values the community college system because of his own experience as a student which has laid valuable groundwork for him.

Please join me in voting for Jeff Dodd. I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.

Also, being an elder advocate, I'd like to also recommend a true friend of us seniors, our very generous Peter Mott. Let's keep him in his seat on the City Council. He has the experience, the knowledge and he has a handle on what makes our city run smoothly. He's honest and sincere and with Peter what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas.

I'm hopeful that my fellow seniors feel as I do, and vote to "keep Pete in his seat" as our City Council Member.

Betty Rhodes


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