Just respect our flag

Just respect our flag

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It was disturbing that Drew Brees and his wife apologized for his comment about those who kneel during the playing of our national anthem, which honors our flag and its people. He didn't miss the mark, as he humbly offered afterwards. I believe he was recognizing the bigger picture that needed addressed.

A country's flag is the unifying symbol and identity of its people. We are fortunate to have the flag that represents the consensus greatest nation in history. But the intrinsic fabric of our flag will at times have dissidents or factions trying to tear it apart.

By being either uninformed or apathetic those individuals who demean the stars and stripes obviously do not appreciate the beautifully conceived Constitution and Bill of Rights that created this splendid country we inherited. Our nation's achievements far outweigh its failures, proven by its history.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to publicize police brutality, he and others couldn't have chosen a more significant attention-getting device than our flag. Anyone who has a problem with a local or national issue, such as he has with our justice system, should go directly to the source.

In their ire, they included millions of us patriots that our flag represents and who have not wronged them. They also mocked the thousands of Americans who have given their lives to provide the freedom of speech these agitators abuse. Their desecration of our anthem and flag was a misguided and potentially dangerous act. There are more appropriate ways to dissent.

The increasing use of the symbolic gesture of kneeling to get attention is becoming overkill. It can have the effect of diminishing returns when not used judiciously, especially as exhibited by some elected officials. They should know that at times less is more, like these times.

Some of the protestors claim it's not about the flag. That is hypocrisy. It and our anthem were used as the focal point. They could use a good dose of common sense, some reason and maybe a little more maturity in advancing their cause. Just respect our flag.

Jim DeCrevel


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