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I have written to the mayor, vice mayor and Napa City Council members to strongly urge them to discontinue any further consideration of Napa Oaks II and all such projects that seek to lift the existing ban on hillside development.

I have lived in Napa since 1962, and my husband was born in Napa in 1950, and we both agree that this hillside project would be a scar that could never be removed.

It makes me livid and unspeakably sad that the city council is still considering setting aside existing law to allow the developer to build Napa Oaks II on this hillside. There is no excuse to cover Napa hillsides in housing developments, no matter how tempting the money – how would this help our community? It would help only the developer and a privileged few who could afford the houses.

We Napans have more than enough valid concerns about the project’s legality, threat to the water table, traffic problems, safety issues and many other negative effects of this project. I am asking the council to please consider these reasons as more important in their decision-making than enriching a developer whose sole goal is to make money.

Our city officials need to remember the motto written on the walls of the meeting room inside City Hall and always choose to preserve what makes our Napa community uniquely precious. At election time Napa voters will favor city officials who have acted to save Napa. What I’m asking them is to follow their hearts, not the money. It’s time to end the Napa Oaks II development once and for all.

Christine Bettencourt