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I just saw a wonderful local theater performance and wanted to share about my experience, which, I imagine, was shared with many other audience members.

The performance was "Doubt," a parable by John Patrick Shanley. It was performed by Upstage Napa Valley theater company and directed by Sharie Renault.

It was riveting! The actors (Elaine Jennings, Rob Barlow, Danielle Devitt and Carlet Langford) breathed what felt like real life into this captivating and thoughtful story with their compelling performances.

I walked into the building expecting a traditional theater setting but was delighted to see it was theater in the round - such a powerful way to connect with the actors, each scene's environment, and the other audience members.

The acting was excellent and, given recent news about allegations of sexual assault by people in power/leadership positions in Hollywood, it felt particularly relevant.

I don’t see local theater enough, and this inspired me to see more -- and I may even take an acting class.

Julie Miller

San Francisco