I highly recommend William "Kyle" Iverson for Napa Valley College Board Trustee for District 4. I've gotten to know Kyle and his family. His is a personal story of strength, compassion and growth. I am impressed by his passion and dedication to NVC, mental health, the disabled, and the community of Napa.

Kyle sees NVC as a great resource for our community and has worked hard to find a balanced approach so that the college and its students flourish. Kyle was instrumental in bringing the pro Silverados baseball team to NVC, which has resulted in greater entertainment for the community, an upgraded baseball field and hands-on student learning in the culinary/hospitality fields with NVC's food truck that services the games. He helped bring critical bilingual mental health services to the campus. In addition, Kyle was an early advocate for opening the college facilities to those ravaged by last year's fires.

Kyle is respectful in all of his working relationships. He considers all sides and is always looking for ways to maximize college resources to benefit student success, while keeping budget concerns in the forefront of his mind. He works very hard to find the right solution for the betterment of the college and its students. He is a strong proponent for community partnerships - but only where a cost-effective solution can be found that benefits the college and the students.

Kyle is recognized as a thoughtful, level-headed member of the NVC Board. He knows how important it is to have an open mind and open door so that he can continue to maintain strong working relationships with board members and the teachers, staff and students he interacts with. He is a team player and has contributed to the many accomplishments the college has made in the four years he has been a trustee.

Kyle has rightfully earned the endorsement of U.S. Congressman Thompson, State Sen. Dodd, Assembly member Aguiar-Curry, the mayor, the city council, the sheriff, the Napa County supervisors, the Progressive Women of Napa Valley, SEIU Local 1021 (representing the college's classified workers), the majority of the current board of trustees, and many more.

Re-elect Kyle Iverson on Nov. 6 and help keep NVC moving into the future with a steady hand.

He's got my vote.

Sally Archambault


Editor's note: This letter has been modified to correct two typographical errors accidentally inserted during the production process.

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