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One of my sons who still lives in Napa and I went to the fair. It was something we did every year. My son is now 42 and lost his eyesight in 2010. I was disappointed when the fair was not like it used to be.

With the earthquake, the fair lost two buildings and all their booths. He entered 11 projects and he was happy when he won 10 blue ribbons and got $38.

But he was sad when there was no petting zoo, no puppets, no circus. He couldn’t get his potato chips and chocolate milkshake at the Browns Valley booth and corn on the cob, some of what we lost. I worked at the Browns Valley booth for 11 years.

Richie asked me to write the Napa Valley Register editor and tell you we want the old fair back.

I moved from Napa in 2007 because I could not afford to live there. I miss Napa in 1967, when I moved there. It was so beautiful. It was God’s country. I know we have built a lot of hotels for the tourists. I wish they could have seen Napa then.

So for all the children in Napa, I hope the fair goes back to the way it was. I know there is the Calistoga fair and Vallejo, but Napa was always the best.

Colleen Weitz