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So I see that another "affordable" spot (for the Napa Valley Model Train folks) has fallen so that a larger parking lot can be built to accommodate the crowds at BottleRock.

This, in addition to losing the dance studio and adjacent dancewear store to ever-greedier landlords. Somehow the city must be able to cap rents for these marginal operations.

I once bid for a county contract and was fortunate enough to find room for a small office at a very modest rent (the old Palzis building on River Street). If I'd had to rent a room downtown, I could not afford to do the contract. I'm sure there are many who are operating businesses, trying to make a go of it with staggering rents. Yet, as more and more of the older buildings fall to the wrecking ball, such businesses are simply priced out of the market, and slip under the waves.

I join with others who have lamented the loss of "old Napa" downtown, where a person could buy a toothbrush or other sundry without having to travel to the outskirts of town. I'm not sure what the cure for this might be, but I hate to see these small businesses and organizations lose out and be forced to move somewhere else.

Looks like the city has taken the bait of the tourist dollar, putting high-rise hotels on the front burner and leaving the little guys to fend for themselves. To quote POTUS, sad.

Stephen Stanton