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So Trump’s press secretary stated "I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president, and that's why he's there." 

Confirming, some might say, of Trump’s own belief in his otherworldly omniscience, he stated that day that "The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive” and “perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!”

All-righty, then.

In the event that you are skeptical that history sometimes repeats itself, George W. Bush famously stated that God told him to end tyranny in Iraq. And when asked if he consulted with his father, stated that he consulted with a “higher” father (his real father notably declined to pursue a war in Iraq after saving Kuwait from Iraqi aggression).

If you haven’t before, can you now feel the earth below your feet turning to quicksand?

So when Trump exhausts all people to blame for his actions and behavior, including his children, is it conceivable that he might blame God? I think not, perhaps more like “the Devil made me do it.” In that manner, he will be seeking the only pardon available to him.

Eric Zimny


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