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Let’s put this wonderful country back together

Hooray, the election is over. Welcome to all the new members of Congress, Senate and governors.

I really hope the voice of the American people, as expressed through their votes, sends a message that President Trump’s behavior, his constant lies and his divisive actions are not acceptable. I would suggest that all of our elected officials take note that all the hyperbole, all the name calling, the lies, the racist comments did not further his agenda to retain control of both houses. The 35 to 40 seats in Congress that turned blue are one of the largest swings ever.

I want all the senators and the congresspeople (that feels good) to take a deep breath and consider working together across the aisle for the common good. Our nation was founded through compromise creating a living Constitution. The founders worked together, worked through their differences to create a nation still unique in all the world.

I have never believed that the means always justifies the end. Winning should not come at the expense of civility and cohesion. Winning is best when both parties believe they benefit from the result of the process.

The antipathy felt and expressed over the last two years was accomplished by the president through his divisive, insulting tweets, hateful rhetoric, and block-headed acceptance of white supremacists and totalitarian leaders around the world.

So, let’s go all you newbies and old timers. Welcome each other and let’s put this wonderful country back together.

Best wishes, good luck and God bless.

Ed Estin


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