As longtime residents of Calistoga we have been reading, listening, attending meetings and following the public commentary concerning the proposed Yellow Rose Ranch Development. 

We have watched our community evolve over the years while being intimately involved in our public schools and other community organizations. Hal is an architect and has designed projects in our town and sat on the General Plan Committee when it was rewritten some 20 years ago. 

What we have come to know through the years is that our town’s housing needs have changed drastically. We have many businesses in our town struggling to attract and keep employees and there is a lack of opportunity for young growing families to join our community when the majority of our available housing is multi-million dollar homes. Most people seem to agree that we need more housing at all levels, but they don’t want it near their own home or they argue it violates the General Plan by being located in an entry corridor to our town as the Yellow Rose is. 

What we all must understand is that a city’s General Plan is a guideline and vision of future growth and is not set in stone. As needs change, your General Plan should change in response to those needs. In fact, the General Plan Guidelines, issued by the state of California, explain that general plans should be updated periodically. This can be done in portions over time, which is what our city has been doing. 

We view this project as an opportunity for our city to develop a new neighborhood. One that is appropriately located next to Riverlea, one of our oldest and more affordable neighborhoods. Let’s take advantage of working with a company that is encouraging dialogue with the community and working with our City Planning, Fire and Police Departments to incorporate their needs and suggestions into their plan. Their plan, like our General Plan, is not set in stone. Let’s all get involved and learn more about the possibilities for this project and take advantage of providing input at the upcoming community meetings.

Hal and Maureen Taylor


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