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I hope the registered voters of American Canyon will ignore the anti-American cries from Mayor Leon Garcia (“Do not sign the Watson Ranch petition,” Nov. 21) and support the democratic process regarding the Watson Ranch referendum.

It was a pleasure running into the Mayor on Saturday, Nov. 10, he happened to be doing something on the very first street I precinct walked. He was such a nice guy. I introduced him to my colleague Tyler.

We asked him how he voted on the project and he told us he supported it. I informed him that we would be collecting signatures for the next couple weeks and he replied “I respect the process,” with a smile.

His recent letter to the editor contradicts everything. He wrote “To our knowledge, Mr. Hinton has never attended any community meeting in the past five years on Watson Ranch.” Who is he referring to when he states “our knowledge?” Did he write the letter or is this a collaboration?

He later stated “Don’t allow these out-of-town interests to kill the dream of the citizens of American Canyon”.

I’m a lifelong Napa County resident and my roots run deep into American Canyon. My grandmother, Leta Hinton taught third grade at Napa Junction. I started working at Sutter Home on Green Island Road in 1994. I worked off and on for three different owners at the Napa Valley Casino during my 15 year poker career. I lived in American Canyon for several years during my stint at the casino.

My family owns investment property in American Canyon. I won the 2014 Primary Election for Congress in a district that covers American Canyon.

I’ve probably spent more time in American Canyon and paid more taxes in American Canyon than Leon Garcia himself.

Our democracy grants the right to referendum the Watson Ranch project and take it to a vote. The number of meetings signature gatherers attended is irrelevant to the process. Personally I’m shocked that he doesn’t remember who attended the meetings during his reign as mayor regarding the biggest development in the city’s history.

Many residents feel bamboozled by the number of homes in the project and the amount of growth it adds to the community.

Leon Garcia is the Mayor of American Canyon not the Dictator of Authoritarian Canyon. He’s done his job and now he needs to get out of the way and let the voters decide if they like the Watson Ranch project or not.

Power to the People.

James Hinton


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