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Letter: Disappointed with new format

I will add my voice to others who are unhappy with recent changes to the Register. It is obvious that the intent is to drive readership to the digital edition. And I’m sure many of the decisions are financial. While I understand the need to do this, I now feel the Register is barely worth reading except for the scant information on local issues, businesses and events.

Trying to fit multiple content into only 2 sections makes reading nonsensical and confusing: a page of sports; a facing page of Home and Garden; another page of sports; specific features in different places each day.

And the increase in full and half page ads. Makes financial sense, but content that should fill these pages isn’t made up elsewhere.

And all the generic content in lieu of local reporters reporting on local news. Seriously, “Three Ways to Soothe Your Sunburn”?!

And the elimination of half of the comics and substituting of Ask Amy for Carolyn Hax. Again, we can just go online to read our favorite comic strip or columnists.

And the lack of an events calendar. Now instead we get to see someone’s opinion of which books, movies and TV programs we should see, instead of knowing what is actually being performed or available in our community that week. And who uses a print TV guide anymore?

And Dan Evans turning the editor’s column, which should be filled with salient editorial information, into a Kevin Courtney Slice of Life clone.

If it weren’t for the snippets of information on local people, businesses, and political and social happenings, I would terminate my subscription to this dumbed-down version of the paper in a heartbeat.

Iris Barrie


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