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Letter: Leave a legacy

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When I retired I wanted to join a choir but not a church choir, so I enrolled at Napa Valley College. Had I not enrolled at our college, I would never have known the hardships some of the students suffer in order to get an education. Along the way, I joined the NVC Foundation and worked on the annual scholarship awards. 

The obstacles some of the students have gone through to get an education are amazing and often very sad. I did not know in Napa that some students couch surf as they have no home, some live in their cars and others live in homeless camps down by the river. One instructor told me of a student in his classes that never missed a class and always wore the same clothes to class.

When the pandemic began two-and-a-half  years ago and the classes went on line, there were many who did not own a computer. The library and the NVC foundation made it happen that all who wanted were able to borrow a computer. Others did not have access to the internet. These are things that most of us often take for granted.

As I learned more about the needs of the students, I decided to create a legacy by funding some scholarships. These students, young and older, need help trying to better themselves and what a way to be remembered. Helping others achieve their goals.

Even if you cannot fund a complete scholarship, you can help by donating to the Napa Valley College Foundation. Specified donations can be added to other scholarships to make the award greater, go into the Annual Fund or be designated for another need of the college.

You can also include the Napa Valley College Foundation in your trust or will and leave a legacy that will benefit students for generations to come. If you would like more information on these opportunities, please feel free to contact Jessica Thomason, the executive director of the Napa Valley College Foundation.

Penny Pawl


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As Optimist Youth Basketball begins its new season, I would like to acknowledge the generous grants we received this summer from the Gasser Foundation and Napa Valley Community Foundation, namely its Donor Advised Funds: the Turley Family Fund; the Thacher Family Fund; the Basset Fund; the Klenz Family Fund; and an anonymous fund. 

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